Municipal Checking

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Designed with your municipality in mind

Whether you are a city, town or borough, Dime Municipal Checking is a great fit.

Why Dime Municipal Checking?

Easy to Understand & Great Value

Built exclusively for cities, towns and municipal entities

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Dime Municipal Checking makes good economic sense.

  • A monthly earnings credit, which fluctuates with market rates, is automatically applied to your account to offset or reduce account charges (1)
  • Monthly maintenance fee: $10
  • Each item paid: $0.15
  • Each item deposited: $0.12
  • Free DimeOnline  – our premier online banking platform
  • Free Bill Pay
  • Free Mobile Banking (2)

Additional checking account features can include:

We want to make sure you get special treatment.

At Dime Bank, we strive to be the best community bank in Connecticut and Rhode Island by making sure our customers get the special treatment we are known for providing.

Dime Municipal Checking accounts are part of the plan. We’ve custom-designed them to deliver the services you need – low fees, earnings credits, online & mobile banking, and flexible features for your kind of business. In other words, we have what it takes to ease your municipal banking needs.

(1) A monthly earnings credit, which will fluctuate with market rates, will be applied against the investable account balance to offset or reduce any charges assessed to your account.

(2) Your mobile phone must have a data package. If you do not have a data package included in your plan, you may be subject to additional fees from your service provider.

(3) Other fees may apply.