The smart way to save for retirement

Dime IRAs take advantage of special retirement tax benefits and our great rates to maximize your returns.

Why Dime IRAs?

Get your retirement on track

Traditional Tax-Deferred IRA, Tax-Free Roth IRA, or SEP Plans

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Here’s how to feather your retirement nest:

  • Dime IRAs are an ideal way to save for retirement – by taking advantage of federal tax benefits they yield a superior return
  • Contribute up to $6,500 per calendar year ($7,500 if you are 50 or older)
  • Your contributions will grow tax-deferred until you withdraw them at retirement
  • IRA funds can be put into a Money Market Savings, variable rate IRA Account or most Dime CDs
  • All our IRA options are FDIC insured and offer competitive rates

Choose the right IRA for your specific needs:

  • Traditional IRA: The ideal way to save for tomorrow, while taking advantage of tax benefits and a better return on your money today. 
  • Roth IRA: The Roth IRA offers fantastic tax-free advantages (1). Contributions may be made, even if you are currently enrolled in a qualified employee pension plan and may be made at any age. 
  • SEP Plan: With a SEP plan, self-employed individuals, small businesses and corporations can set up a tax-sheltered retirement plan. Funds can be put into a Certificate of Deposit, Money Market Savings or a Savings Account.

We want to help you get your money growing!

At Dime Bank, we strive to be the best community bank in Connecticut and Rhode Island by helping you realize your financial goals…

Dime’s full line of Savings Products – statement savings, CDs, IRAs, and more – are part of the plan. Whether you are saving for retirement, a special vacation, your next car, or simply for a rainy day, we have a variety of custom-designed accounts to help you get that nest egg growing and put you on the path to savings success.

(1) Certain restrictions may apply. Consult your tax advisor for more information on Roth IRAs.