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Cut down your check use, cut out some hassle

Electronic transfers reduce costs and make your office more efficient.

Why Dime ACH Services?

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Dime's ACH Services are safe, fast and precise:

  • ACH is short for Automated Clearing House, a national network that enables electronic transfers between financial institutions
  • Businesses and non-profits can use the service to make payments, receive funds and transfer cash
  • Business customers can have salary directly deposited to employee accounts, make state and federal tax payments, and to direct payments to vendors and suppliers
  • Save employee time by eliminating the need to cut as many paper checks
  • Reduce chances for fraud that are associated with putting checks in the mail
  • Schedule transfers ahead of time so your business is never late paying its bills

ACH not only adds efficiency, but it can help make you money. Because transfers can be timed precisely, you don't have to leave a lot of money in your business checking account while you wait several days for checks to clear. This frees up money for higher-interest accounts or other investment needs.