Club Accounts

A great way to start "socking it away"

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Join the club and start saving for that special occasion

Our Vacation Club and Holiday Club Accounts can make it happen.

Why Dime Club Account Savings?

Save for vacations or the holidays

Worry free way to put money aside each year

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Dime Club Accounts are specially designed to meet your goals:

  • Tropical vacation, ski trip or presents under the tree – save for that special event with either a Dime Vacation Club or Holiday Club Account
  • Save all year long and deposit as much money as you want, as frequently as you like
  • Holiday checks are automatically issued in October, Vacation Club checks are issued in April
  • Enjoy your special occasions without the worry of extra credit card debt

We make Club Account saving easy and rewarding:

  • Open your account with a starting balance of just $2.00
  • No monthly fees (1)
  • Minimum daily balance of just $20 is all you need to earn our Annual Percentage Yield (2)

We want to help you get your money growing!

At Dime Bank, we strive to be the best community bank in Connecticut and Rhode Island by helping you realize your financial goals…

Dime’s full line of Savings Products – statement savings, CDs, IRAs, and more – are part of the plan. Whether you are saving for retirement, a special vacation, your next car, or simply for a rainy day, we have a variety of custom-designed accounts to help you get that nest egg growing and put you on the path to savings success.

(1) There is a $5.00 penalty for early withdrawal. (2) $20.00 minimum daily balance required to earn Annual Percentage Yield. Interest is compounded daily and credited monthly. Interest rates are variable and are subject to change at any time.