Corporate Daily Access Savings Account

Cash flows smoothly

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Manage your business funds easily with anytime access

Our Daily Access Savings Account lets you transfer funds from savings to checking 24/7.

Why Corporate Daily Access Savings?

Competitive rates & easy access

Grow your business savings for a rainy day

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This is one easy way to manage cash flow:

  • Our Corporate Daily Access Savings is a tiered rate account – as your balance increases, the rate paid on the entire balance increases (1)
  • Open your account with a starting balance of just $25 (2)
  • Then add DimeOnLine – our premier online banking platform – to allow funds transfer from your savings to checking 24/7
  • The result – maximize return on savings while ensuring adequate funds in your business checking account to cover daily expenses

We want to make sure you get our special treatment

At Dime Bank, we strive to be the best community bank in Connecticut and Rhode Island by making sure our business customers receive the special treatment they deserve…

Dime Corporate Daily Access Savings accounts are part of the plan. We’ve custom-designed them to deliver the services you need – low fees, tiered rates, and flexible features for your kind of business. In other words, we have what it takes to help make your business thrive.

(1) Rates of interest is determined by account balance. Interest rates are variable and are subject to change at any time. Please contact us for current rate information.

(2) Other fees may apply.