Simplify your life with the convenience of our Mastercard debit card

Leave your checkbook at home – our MasterCard debit card makes everyday purchases and withdrawals fast, simple and easy.

Using your debit card is fast and easy:

  • Save time, and leave your checkbook at home
  • Pay with your MasterCard debit card instead of writing checks
  • Use it like an ATM card to get cash at locations worldwide
  • After each transaction, your checking or savings account is automatically debited and recorded on your monthly statement

And you can rest assured – card security and protection is a top priority:

Lost or stolen cards

To report your ATM/Debit card lost or stolen during non-business hours: Please call the Hot Card Support Center at 800.264.5578.

Overseas protection

Due to an increase in fraudulent activity in foreign countries, all debit card usage outside the United States and Canada has been blocked. If you will be traveling and would like to use your debit card, please contact us in advance so we can activate your card for temporary use in the countries you will be visiting.(1) All foreign debit card access is subject to prior approval.

MasterCard Purchase Alerts

For added peace of mind, your Debit Card is eligible for our special MasterCard Purchase Alerts program. MasterCard Purchase Alerts gives you real-time(1) text or email alerts when you pay(2) with your MasterCard debit card – as a result, you can easily keep track of card use and detect fraud when it occurs.

Let’s work together to keep your account secure! Start receiving alerts today … follow just 3 easy steps to get started:

  • Check to make sure your card is eligible(3)
  • Register your mobile device and email to receive MasterCard Purchase Alerts
  • Choose the notification triggers that match your needs. You’ll get real-time(1) text or email alerts based on your selected criteria

We want to make your shopping experience better

At Dime Bank, we strive to be the best community bank in Connecticut and Rhode Island by helping you realize your financial goals…

Dime credit & debit cards are part of the plan. Whether you are looking for the convenience of our MasterCard Debit Card or the benefits of our SIMPLY REWARDS™ MasterCard Credit Card, we’ve got just what you need to make your shopping experience fast, simple and rewarding.

(1) Actual time to receive a transaction alert is dependent on wireless service and coverage within area.

(2) A qualified transaction is any transaction routed through MasterCard.

(3) MasterCard Purchase Alerts may not be available in all areas. Account activity qualifying for MasterCard Purchase Alerts may vary by issuer.