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At Dime Bank, we understand the importance of a good business relationship. Whether you are a sole proprietor, a small company with just a few employees, or a large business, we can customize your business relationship to suit your specific businesses needs. We offer a wide range of products and services to assist you in every aspect of your business. Our Business Development/Commercial Team has years of experience and is prepared to review your needs to offer the best products for you and your company.

Orthodontic Associates of Southeastern Connecticut

This is the transcript for the above video, Chalk it Up! Orthodontic Associates of Southeastern Connecticut: Gregory Hack, DDS: Orthodontic Associates has a history dating back to 1958. James M. O’Leary, DMD: We’ve been together practicing as a two doctor practice since 2012. We have four offices, Waterford, Norwich, Pawcatuck, and Groton. Gregory Hack, DDS: We have a great field, we’re passionate about what we do, and we have fun at it at the same time. James M. O’Leary, DMD: Favorite part is just watching the smile transformations that we’re able to accomplish for every patient that we treat. Gregory Hack, DDs: The thing I love the most is really the relationships that we develop between patients and their families. At the local store, we see patients smiling at us with braces on and we know them from the office. James M. O’Leary, DMD: 2004, when we started the Waterford office, we were looking at options for financing, and Dime Bank was introduced to us. They were really flexible timely, they made our need a priority for them. Gregory Hack, DDS: We’ve used them for our day to day banking in the practice. We’ve used them several times now for the financing. James M. O’Leary, DMD: For projects we’ve done in the Waterford office. Whether it’s a phone call or an email, they get back to us right away. Gregory Hack, DDS: We trust them implicitly and they deliver.

All Friends Animal Hospital

This is the transcript for the above video, All Friends Animal Hospital: Lona Baker-Harrelle: Animals are just, they’re innocent, and I think they bring out the best qualities in people. I started here as a receptionist, and worked my way up. I became a technician, and the more I worked here, the more I worked with the animals and their owners, the more I fell in love with the business. This business was started with a loan from Dime Bank. We’re basically a general practitioner for animals. You have to be a voice for them, and I think that’s what I appreciate the most about this job. Myself and my two partners, went in and bought the business. Two years in to the buying of the business, we refinanced the loan with Dime Bank, and they were amazing to work with, it was a seamless process. We’ve always had a business relationship with Dime Bank, through all of our banking needs. They know who you are, they’re a friendly face, and you know the people who work there. I would recommend Dime Bank to anybody.

Zest Bakery

This is the transcript for the above video, Zest Bakery: Gabriella Winthrow, Owner/Pastry Chef: I went to culinary school in France. Then I came back to the Connecticut area and started working locally. I met this amazing woman in one of my jobs. We kind of hit it off, and we chatted, and we talked about our dreams. We both kind of had this vision of a bakery where we could produce fresh baked goods with local ingredients. In six months, we had started a business, and at the end of the summer the business took off. We needed our own space. At that point we had been renting kitchens, and that gets tough. We found this great teeny space at the Velvet Mill in Stonington and had some capital built up from the summer. We needed a little bit more for equipment and installation, and we went to Dime Bank. We met with somebody there and he came and visited our spot. It was completely empty, white walls. There were no sinks, there was no hook-up, and he had complete faith in us, they listened to our story, and they said yes. They were able to understand what our goals and where we wanted to take the business. They were just completely open and supportive. Without Dime Bank none of this would be possible, we couldn’t be more grateful.

American Group

This is the transcript for the above video, American Group: Michael C. Aliano, President, American Group- The American Group was founded by my father, Ron Aliano, in 1972. The company has diversified and grown since then based on our needs and the needs of our community. We’ve been dealing with Dime Bank for decades, we’re very happy with the service we get there and how seamless the transaction seemed to be. Their team members are just wonderful to deal with. We had a situation back in ’09 when my father passed away. He left have of the service to me and half to my sister. We had the directive where I would purchase her half and she would sell her half, and be able to finance a portion of that. I came up some cash and financed the rest through Dime and it was really something that was very stressful and they made it a smooth seamless transaction. It was a godsend, it was a major relief. And because of that we are still in business today and try to be the best possible employer we can be. The best community member we can be. We really are proud and happy of our relationship with Dime and they are the first people we go to when we do our financing.  

First Leaps Together

This is the transcript for the above video, First Leaps Together: Krista S. Bordeleau, Owner and Director, First Leaps Together: We opened in September of 2014 with a preschool in a very small building that was a home and it was renovated to just two preschool classrooms. We doubled the size of the capacity for our students as well as doubled our teaching staff. We very quickly realized that we were ready to expand. We were at the time leasing the school property, and it was time to purchase that property and the surrounding land was also for sale. I went to Dime to look at both properties, merging the property as one, and constructing a new building. They worked very closely with me on you know who I am as a person and how I was going to be able to make this happen. As a new borrower, the people I worked with at Dime were very willing to walk me through step by step and ensure that it was something I was very comfortable with, and that the business was going to be very successful and being able to make the expansion happen. I would recommend Dime Bank to anyone looking into a commercial relationship. They listened to what I wanted to make happen, they certainly treated me as though the expansion and my project and my vision was as important to them as a bank as it was to me to succeed and to move forward. Obviously First Leaps Together will continue to grow in the future. When I’m ready to do that, I will certainly be returning to Dime as a customer. I would work with them again in a heartbeat.

Paddy's Beach Club

This is the transcript for the above video, Paddy's Beach Club: Frank Labriola: Paddy’s was actually for sale in 1998, we went down and looked at it on the coldest day of the year and had this vision that we could actually make it work, but we needed partners to make it work. Dime Bank came along and became our partner. We use them for the day to day operations of the business. We use them for lines of credit if we need to have bigger purchases, and we also used them after the storm. Paul Doyle: Hurricane Sandy knocked us down pretty good. They were patient. We were waiting on federal funds to come in, and they were waiting for us to pay them. Frank Labriola: Yeah, they were a great bridge for us, to get us from knocked down, out of business, to open the following May. The only way to be flexible is if there is a relationship, no other way. They’re a bank, they go by dot their i’s, cross their t’s. Creating that relationship, we got flexibility, and that’s the only way we could do it. Being a business owner or a person, you need to be able to walk in to a bank and be able to say hi to somebody. They know who you are, they know what you need, and get stuff done. People know you, and things get done for you.

Pazz Construction

This is the transcript for the above video, Pazz Construction: Jason Pazzaglia: I had a passion for building things, constructing things. I was a school teacher at the time, on my summers I would go and build houses and work with some family members who owned construction companies. I could look back at what I had created and see the fruits of my labor for the day. We went out and we purchased a piece of property and we put the foundation in and framed the house, completed it and sold it. From that point on, we just continued to grow. I first was introduced to Dime Bank in 2003 when I wanted to take on my first project. I had gone to several banks and nobody wanted to quite listen like Dime. They sat down with me, went over my project in mind, talked about the numbers, and the potential risks and downfalls. Dime Bank was the best at understanding what I needed and the most flexible. They’re going to listen to you, they’re going to give you some advice on your business from a financial perspective but also from a general business perspective. They can look at your business model, help you predict where it may go and where you may stumble and help you get over those hurdles. They were able to finance me, which was a huge stepping stone in my career. Without that first house, I probably wouldn’t have continued.

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