Have your staff deposit checks without ever leaving the office

You can use technology to reduce transportation costs and improve cash flow.

Remote Deposit is a secure way to deposit checks without tying up employee time or your money:

  • Employees no longer have to spend time gathering checks each day and driving them to the bank
  • Use a PC and a special scanner to do the job right in your office
  • Scan checks and send the images to the bank using Internet-based technology
  • Enhanced flexibility allows deposits to be made 24 hours a day
  • Easier to monitor deposits, even those from multiple business locations
  • Checks clear faster; enhanced cash flow gives your business quicker access to the money
  • Fast check clearing also allows you to react sooner to returned checks, increasing the chances for collection

Our Remote Deposit for Business features multiple layers of security, including password protection, Internet firewalls and the latest encryption techniques so you can deposit with confidence.

Why Dime Remote Deposit?

Scan deposits at the office

No need to rush to the bank - it's all done remotely

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