Loan reserves that you can draw on anytime

Dime Bank's Commercial Line of Credit provides quick access to cash, on an as needed basis, to supplement your cash flow.

Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of a Dime line of credit:

  • Supplement/improve your cash flow in a hurry
  • Finance receivables and cover seasonal gaps in revenue
  • Make special, unplanned or emergency purchases
  • Take advantage of seasonal opportunities
  • Choose between our Seasonal & Revolving lines to meet your working capital needs

With Dime, it’s quick and easy:

  • We’re local, so you can expect a quick response to your loan request
  • Flexible terms & competitive pricing
  • Customized financing to meet your specific needs
  • Call our Commercial Lending Team today at 860.859.4300 to learn more

We want to make banking more convenient!

At Dime Bank, we strive to be the best community bank in Connecticut and Rhode Island by making sure our business customers get the special treatment we are known for providing.

Dime Business & Commercial banking accounts are part of this treatment. We’ve custom designed them to deliver the services you need – low fees, great rates, digital services, and flexible features for your kind of business. In other words, we have what it takes to make your business thrive.

Why Dime Commercial Lines?

Competitive rates & local decision-making

Get flexible capital access with our experts

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